The Effortless Way to Save for College, Pay Off Student Loans, or Donate to an Education Related Cause

In 2001, an amazing opportunity became available to help families save money for their children’s education. The company, known as Upromise was established and immediately started to grow. Corporations of all kinds have since gotten involved with the program in an effort to play their role in the community. Parents all over the United States are catching on to this wonderful way to lower the cost of their children’s future and as the word is more widely spread, Upromise becomes an even greater success for everyone involved.
The Upromise program was created to help make college education more affordable for families and their children. Various merchants around the US have teamed up with Upromise to offer a percentage of members’ purchases toward college funding. In other words, if you are signed up with Upromise and you buy something from Hallmark, Bed Bath amp; Beyond, or one of the many other registered merchants, a portion of your payment will automatically be deposited into your Upromise college savings fund.

There is really no reason not to enroll with Upromise. If anyone you know, including yourself or a good friend, is thinking about attending college at any time now or in the future, you have nothing to lose by signing up with this program as soon as you get the chance. There is no catch like one might imagine, such as a registration fee, or a percentage added to your total bills on purchases to cover the savings fund deposit. If you go shopping at a Upromise affiliated store, or dine at a registered restaurant, you only need to pay your bill as you normally would. The great thing about this program is that the money added to your savings fund comes from a donation by the various merchants you use, not your own pocket. So if you think about it, why give all of your purchase amounts to these large corporations who already have millions of dollars when you could be dedicating a little of each bill to help someone pay for school?

In order to fully take advantage of Upromise, you should first register for a free account. Then, you should take advantage of every opportunity Upromise offers that also works for your needs. Different ways to help add to the college savings balance include:

*Registering your credit or debit cards with the secure site so that each time you use them, you get something back

*Registering your grocery store member savings cards with Upromise.

*Registering your CVS or other drugstore savings cards.

*Asking friends or other family members to register their own credit or debit cards to go toward your college savings fund.

You can also make the most of the Upromise program by checking in with the website frequently to learn of new company registrations and of various promotional offers from selected merchants. Any time you need to buy something that might possibly be available at multiple stores, it is a great idea to search the Upromise merchant database to find out which of those companies are registered. This way you can get a return on your payment or maybe even discover a new store as opposed to spending the same amount of money for the same item at a non-registered store and get nothing back. There are also various brand names that will give you a return if purchased, so if you have the choice, why not go with one of them? There are also many online retailers who will contribute some of your payment to your college savings fund through Upromise.

Upromise also allows you to search for retailers and restaurants near your desired location so that once again, you can make the most of your dining out experiences. This, too, is a great way to find out about new places. And not only for the ability to save money for your own family’s college fund, but wouldn’t you feel good about promoting these companies who are making an effort to help out the educational cause in this society than those who may be operating solely for their own profit and pleasure?

As more people catch on to the benefits of Upromise college savings program and the organization continues to grow, more opportunities are being regularly added. One of those additions, which was introduced somewhat recently to members of Upromise, is the ability to devote some or all of your collected Upromise college savings balance toward existing student loans. So now, even individuals who are already out of college can benefit from the program. With a few simple steps on the Upromise website, certain federal and private loan accounts can be linked up to your Upromise fund and as the college savings dollars build up, they are immediately deposited directly toward paying off your linked student loan balance.

The program really is a wonderful creation. If you look at it, there really seems to be no good reason why you wouldn’t sign up. The account is legitimately secure so all of your personal information is protected. And again, there is no extra cost to you up front or in the midst of any of your qualified transactions or purchases to allow for the donated college savings funds. If you don’t do this for your own family, it’s a really nice gesture to make for a less fortunate friend who has the financial need. After all, you might as well be doing something good for humanity and society other than contributing to the regular flow of commercial business operations. This is a great way to give back without having to take time out of your busy days to go somewhere and volunteer or donate extra money out of your pocket to a particular charity.